Did you know that the historic city of Kyoto is not the first capital of Japan?

200 years before Kyoto started its history as a thousand-year-old-capital, Japan’s first capital “Asuka” was built in the area 60 km south of Kyoto.

The country of Japan was founded between the late 6th and 7th centuries in Asuka, the small area of about 4 kilometers square consists of a narrow basin and gentle hills. Because of many historical spots such as ruins of palaces, temples and ancient tombs made of stones, Asuka can be considered a treasure trove of time capsules.

Why not enjoy the archaeological sites and beautiful countryside scenery of Japan’s first capital?

Archaeological sites to visit
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The First Capital of Japan
Asuka Village is located about one hour from Kyoto, Osaka and Kansai International Airport. There are 21 national historic sites composed of palace ruins and imperial tombs. Some of them are on the World Heritage Tentative List. They have been left in good shape in beautiful satoyama, or community-based nature, preserved by strict regulations of “Asuka Law” enacted in 1980. We aim to be a sustainable village where people coexist with harsh and fertile nature while preserving ancient sites.
Feel the wonder of ancient times in Asuka !
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